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State leaders battle for XO Elite championships
4/20/06 - - by Nathan Senner

Sheryl Page, State 1500 Champ, Kenny Klotz, State XC Champ

Almost all the state's top distance talent will be competing at Hayward Field for the second week in a row. These top athletes will battle in 3 Elite high school races during the Oregon Invitational as an extension of the XO Invite.

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Last weeks action: Pictures : Video from Dyestat : Results

Hayward Field, EUGENE, OR - 4/20/06 –Everyone knows that winter in Oregon brings its fair share of wind, rain, and cold temperatures; a typical day in January or February might boast temperatures in the upper 30s, a 15 mile-per-hour wind, and rain, but no one expects that type of weather in late April and no one in their right mind wants to spend ten hours at a track meet braving those elements.  But that’s exactly what happened at last weekend’s XO Invite at Hayward Field.  The day saw rain and wind lashing against the stands and pummeling the runners, jumpers, and throwers and cold numbing both those competing and watching.  Somehow though, some performers shone through the weather, and this weekend Team XO is going to give them and some other outstanding performers from around the northwest another shot to strut their stuff. 

This Friday and Saturday at Hayward Field in Eugene, the top finishers from last weekend’s distance and relay events and a select group of other athletes will have the opportunity to compete in the XO Elite Sections being held in conjunction with the Oregon Invite.  That means that on Friday night the boy’s two-mile will be sandwiched in between events featuring the likes of Dathan Ritzenhein and Adam Goucher and on Saturday the boy’s and girl’s mile will be right behind a race starring University of Oregon All-American Galen Rupp.  If the professionals don’t watch out, the high school athletes are going to steal the show, because these races are sporting some fast times of their own.

Headlining the XO Elite Sections are the participants in the mile races taking place Saturday afternoon at 4:35.  Two of the XO Invite’s most amazing performances this year came from Sheryl Page (Sr., Sandy).  First in the 1500 she set a blistering pace right from the gun that burned off her close rival Alyssa O’Connor (Fr., Summit) and the rest of field, brought her through the 800m mark in 2:20, to the finish line in a state-leading time of 4:39, and caused her to collapse in exhaustion, splayed out on the track in lane one.  Her fatigue was short lived, however, as Sheryl came back to win the 800, setting a new XO Invite record, personal, and then state-best time of 2:14.10.   Sheryl might have to pull another state-best time to claim the XO Elite Sections’ title though, because she is going up against the 3A duo of Lauren Zaludek (Sr., Elmira), who was 2nd at state last year in the 1500m, and Hayley Belli (Jr., Philomath), who was 6th at state last year in 1500m and 2nd in 3000m at this year’s XO Invite.

Last weekend the 3000m steeplechase provided one of the closest finishes of any race at the XO Invite as Taylor Morgan (So., Central Catholic) dove past teammate Kenny Klotz (Sr., Central Catholic) at the line for the victory, 9:38.33 to 9:38.37.  This weekend they will be going head-to-head once again, this time in the mile, where Klotz enjoys an advantage of around nine seconds in season’s bests.  But those two won’t be alone.  They’ll have to outlast a number of out-of-state stars like Joe Churchill (Sr., Auburn Riverside) from Washington, who was a finalist in the mile at the Washington State Championships last year and who will be joining the burgeoning training group at local Lane Community College next year, Austin Fritzke (Sr., Mt. Shasta, CA) who has run a 4:22 mile this year, and Craig Kochis (Sr., Kelso, WA) who ran a 1:58 800m as a junior.  Not to be forgotten amongst all the other big names are Kenny Scoggin (Sr., Cottage Grove), last weekend’s 3000m champion, Brian Saxe (Sr.,Sandy), 800 XO champ, Jerhoemee Murray (Sr.,Century), distance up and comer, Matt Hollander (So.,Marist), local favorite, and Issac Stoutenburg (Sr., Crater), who holds the best time in the state this year in the 1500m, 4:01.28, and who was 4th in the event at the 4A state championships last year.      

On Friday night at the distance carnival, Team XO will also be putting on a boy’s two mile, headlined by Eric Lynch (Sr., South Eugene), who placed 4th last weekend in the 3000m, and 1A star David Sherman (Jr., McKenzie), who leads all 1A runners this year in 300m with a time of 9:17.0.  And on Saturday afternoon, the high school competitions will be wrapped up with the boy’s and girl’s 4x400m relays.  In those events the boy’s event will feature (St. Helen’s), currently 3rd in the state and anchored by 800m star Ryan Waite (Sr.), who will be challenged by (McNary), who was the runner-up in the event at this year’s XO Invite.  In the girl’s race there will be three of the top five teams from the XO Invite—(South Eugene), (Marist), and (Sandy)—plus (Churchill), which is anchored by star 800m runner Devon Williams (Sr.).

Dathan Ritzenhein, Jonathon Riley, Adam Goucher, Marla Runyan.  Who cares?  We’ve got Kenny Klotz, Issac Stoutenburg, Joe Churchill, and Sheryl Page and Team XO is banking on the fact that these high school athletes are going to be the performers at the Oregon Invite.  We’re also banking on the fact that a few of this year’s Elite Section athletes will soon enough be considered amongst the ranks of those track and field stars and that their rise to stardom starts this weekend at Hayward Field.

XO Elite Start List:

XO Elite Boys Mile
Sr	Kenny Klotz		
So	Taylor Morgan	
Jr	Joseph Carpenter
Sr	Brian Karsten	
Sr	Austin Fritzke	
Sr	Ken Scoggin		
Sr	Joe Churchill
Sr	Isaac Stoutenburg	
Sr	Brian Saxe	
So	Matt Hollander		
Sr	Jerhoemee Murray
Jr	Nelson Zaludek	
Sr	Craig Kochis		
So	Michael G Brown		
Sr	Cody Bjorklund		
Sr	Cameron Barleen	

XO Elite Boys 2 Miles
Sr	Evan Carman		
Jr	Nelson Zaludek		
Sr	Eric Lynch		
Jr	Zac Ross    		
Jr	Jake Keyser		
Jr	Grant Lewis		
Jr	David Sherman		
Jr	Ben Altemus		
?	Ian Davey 		
?	Ed Niedermeyer 		
Sr	Matt Smith 		
?	Matt Spear 		
?	John Carley 		
?	Marcus Schwab		
Jr	Gino Gaddini		
Jr	Casey Mundell		
Jr	Cameron Churchill	

XO Elite Boys 4x400 Relay
Track Club 1
Jr  Beau St. Peter
Sr  Adam Pryor
So  Jacob Stewart
Sr  Ben Climer
Jr  Kyle Brouse
So  Shane McClain

Track Club 2
So  Matt Hollander
So  Michael Bellamy
Jr  Brandon Jackson
Jr  Nate Dillow

Track Club 3
Jr  Adam Bumstead
Jr  Colin Tracey
Jr  Peter Barnes
Jr  Camden Allison-Hall
Sr  Kayl Enders

Track Club 4
So  Cody Jones
Sr  Nick Orvis
Sr  Brian Saxe
Sr  Ryan Waite
Jr  Ron Walters
Jr  Nic Barnes

Track Club 5
Jr  Christopher Wagner
Jr  Ryan Ball
Jr  Jake Seidel
Sr  Brian Karsten
Sr  Thomas Clark

XO Elite Girls Mile	
So	Meghan Whalen	
So	Alayna Oleksa		
Sr	Hannah Rowley		
Sr	Lauren Zaludek		
Jr	Taylor Klobertanz	
Jr	Casey Masterson		
Sr	Sheryl Page		
Jr	Taylor Smiley		
Sr	Jackie Brown	 	
Sr	Natalie Hemphill	
Jr	Taylor Drouet		
Jr	Hayley Belli	  
So	Riley Swanson		
So	Whitney Pitman	
Jr	Brenn Donnelly		

XO Elite Girls 4x400 Relay
Track Club 1
So  Rachel Bunting
Jr  Nina DeHass
Sr  Kate Fox Hayward
Fr  Lauren Graebner
Fr  Whitney Roline

Track Club 2
So  Elena Collins
Jr  Brenn Donnelly
Sr  Emily Gillespie
Fr  Tahne Apo

Track Club 3
Sr  BB Gardner
Jr  Brenna Hoffman
So  Malia Ingrao
Fr  Siara Leininger
Sr  Sheryl Page

Track Club 4
Fr  Carolanne Powers
So  Sierra Mullins
Sr  Janelle Meisenheimer
So  Hannah Braun
Jr  Kyndra Flair

Track Club 5
Sr  Mindy Bean
Fr  Sam Molinski
Jr  Devon Williams
Fr  Amy Atwater
Jr  Sarah Thompson

Track Club 6
So  Haley Ricker
Jr  Molly Bailey
Jr  Marta Flori
Fr  Emily Higgins
Sr  Jessie Higgins
Fr  Jenni Anderson

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Off the track, field and trail, we try and extend our vision of the way we feel our sport should be. We host an elite team high school track meet at Hayward Field called the XO Invite, direct and coach a fun low cost athletic kid’s camp called the XO Athletic Camp, and volunteer hundreds of hours a year in our community.







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